Esther Ifeoluwa Olaawe as Ondo Star of the Week.

In our weekly series highlighting the shining stars within the Ondo Social Hangout community, we are thrilled to present Olaawo Esther Ifeoluwa as our Ondo Star of the Week. This dynamic individual wears many hats – a skilled chef and foodpreneur, a passionate lover of God, and someone who brings an element of playfulness and joy to every room she enters.

Let’s Meet You: “I am a chef/foodpreneur, a lover of God, very playful, and fun to be with.”

One thing most people don’t know about you: Despite her vibrant personality, there’s a side of Olaawo Esther that might surprise many – she confesses to being shy.

Your Hidden Talent: Olaawo Esther’s hidden talent lies in her proactive nature. She thrives on taking initiative and being ahead of the curve.

Your favorite thing about Ondo Social Hangout: “What I love most about Ondo Social Hangout is that it brings people together in a fun and matured manner.”

One thing You’re looking forward to at Ondo Social Hangout Big 7?: Expressing her anticipation for the upcoming OSH Big 7, Olaawo Esther is eager to meet more people and engage in socializing, adding her vibrant energy to the event.

Advice for anyone attending OSH Big 7: “Come ready 🔥.” Olaawo Esther’s advice is succinct and powerful – be prepared for an electrifying experience at Ondo Social Hangout Big 7.

Social Media Handles: Connect with Olaawo Esther Ifeoluwa on Instagram:

Olaawo Esther Ifeoluwa, our Ondo Star of the Week, embodies the spirit of community, joy, and anticipation that Ondo Social Hangout fosters. Her culinary skills, coupled with her warm personality, make her a standout presence in the OSH community. As we gear up for Ondo Social Hangout Big 7, Olaawo Esther’s enthusiasm sets the stage for an event filled with connection, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Stay tuned for more features on the stars that make Ondo Social Hangout shine!

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