Why attend Ondo Hangout 2022?

This year, the Ondo Hangout has lots of games, exciting activities, guests and more designed to give participants the time of their lives!


Hangouts are a good place to have fun and let loose. That won’t be in short supply this year as well.


There will be opportunities to network for career and business growth at this year’s hangout.

New People

Make new friends, talk to new people, connect with new acquaintances at Ondo Hangout 2022

Have Fun

Been busy all year? Ondo Hangout is the place to let loose and have all the fun.

Ondo Hangout Is Back

There’s no better way to end the year than hanging out to have fun, learn, connect, share laughs and party away. Ondo Hangout 2022 is the place to do that and more.

Meet your favorite people

The Ondo Hangout is a perfect opportunity to meet your favorite celebrities and influencers, and connect with your online friends.

Christopher Collins

Red Carpet Host

DJ Venum


Ola Adene

Spoken Word Poet

MC Lag




Partners & Friends

While the Ondo Hangout is free for everyone to attend, these are some of the partners and sponsors, making it possible for us to make it free.