Let’s have a chat with Raheem Oluwadamilola Anthonia, someone really special from Ondo City though hails from Ibadan – our Ondo Star for the week. She grew up in a Muslim family but has her own beliefs. We’ll talk about her school days, the cool things she’s good at, and her active roles in groups. Join us as we get to know the real Raheem Oluwadamilola Anthonia!

Let’s Meet You: My name is Raheem Oluwadamilola Anthonia. I am a prominent figure from Oyo State, Ibadan, born on June 28th in Ondo. Despite being born into a Muslim family, I am a believer in Christ.

Education Journey: My educational journey began at Great Covenant Nursery and Primary School, and later, I attended Living Proof Nursery and Primary School, where I obtained my Primary Six certificate. I continued my studies at Saint Helen’s Unity Secondary School, Ondo (SHUSSO). Afterwards, I pursued higher education at Adeyemi College of Education, earning a Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) in Hausa/English Education. Subsequently, I pursued a Bachelor of Arts in English Education.

Beyond Academics: Beyond my academic achievements, I am a multi-talented individual with several certified skills. I have expertise in Event Management, specializing in decoration and baking, as well as pastry making. Additionally, I am a skilled fashion designer, adept at sewing female clothing. Moreover, I’m also involved in the production of Adire tie and dye and batik fabrics.

Unionism and Politics: I am an active participant in both unionism and politics. My passion for leadership and advocacy has led me to become deeply involved in various unions, starting from my NCE days. Over time, I have held several offices, including Deputy Speaker of the Faculty of Languages, General Course Representative of the Faculty of Languages, and Public Relations Officer of the Faculty of Languages. Additionally, I served as the Vice President of the Federation of Ondo Ekimogun Student Union (FOESU) National Body. In my college’s Students’ Union Government, I was privileged to make history as the First Female Chief Justice during the 2021/2022 session.

One Thing Most People Don’t Know About Me: I’m a Muslim, but I have never practised Islam.

Your Hidden Talent: Hyping

Your Favorite Thing About Ondo Social Hangout: The live band at the hangout is everywhere; it’s always lit.

One Thing You’re Looking Forward to at Ondo Social Hangout Big 7?: More fun as it has always been.

Advice About OSH Big7: You can’t afford to miss Ondo Social hangout; it’s one of the best December eventful hangouts in Ondo City.

Social Media Handles: FB: Oluwadamilola Anthonia Raheem, IG: event_by_antholove

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