Celebrating 7 Years of Vibrancy: An Exclusive Chat with Ogbeni La, Convener of Ondo Social Hangout

Dive into the vibrant world of Ondo Social Hangout as we celebrate seven years of unforgettable moments. Join us in this exclusive interview with Ogbeni La, the convener of Ondo Social Hangout, as we explore the journey, milestones, and exciting plans for the much-anticipated OSH Big 7. From its humble beginnings to becoming a prominent social event in Nigeria, discover the heart and soul behind this extraordinary hangout.

Ondo Social Hangout (OSH) is an annual event that brings together people from all walks of life to celebrate and connect. Founded in 2017 by Ogbeni La, OSH has grown to become one of the biggest social events in Ondo State.

In this exclusive interview, Yemi, a notable media influencer and member of the OSH community, chats with Ogbeni La about the history of the event, its challenges and successes, and what to expect from the upcoming 7th edition.


Good evening, everyone! 🌟 How do you do? Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Welcome back to another edition of Entrepreneurs Connect, where we sit down with remarkable personalities making waves in their respective fields. Tonight’s episode is bound to blow your mind!

Our guest needs no introduction in Ondo State. With a standing ovation, let’s welcome the man behind the spectacular Ondo Social Hangout—@Ogbeni La!

Thanks for joining us, sir. Now, let’s dive into the heart of the conversation.

Segment 1: Introducing Ogbeni La


Yemi: “Who is Ogbeni LA, and what’s the story behind that infectious smile of yours?”

Ogbeni La: “My name is OlaOlu Adedayo, aka Ogbeni La. I wear many hats, including being the convener of Ondo Social Hangout. I’m here to celebrate, connect, and make an impact.”


Segment 2: The Birth of Ondo Social Hangout

Yemi: “Ogbeni La, why did you start Ondo Social Hangout?”

Ogbeni La: “It started as a solution to a need. Social media connects us virtually, but many friends rarely get to meet in person. Ondo Social Hangout provides that chance—a day for online friends to gather, connect, and celebrate.”


Segment 3: Milestones and Achievements

Yemi: “What milestones have Ondo Social Hangout achieved over these seven years?”

Ogbeni La: “We’ve grown from two-figure attendance to about a thousand. Pioneering event features like awards and the Hall of Fame, attracting partnerships, and even a theme song in the works—plenty to celebrate!”


Segment 4: The Power of Free Hangouts

Yemi: “Why has Ondo Social Hangout remained free while others charge?”

Ogbeni La: “Salvation is free! We’re grateful for supporters. We want partnership, not handouts. Corporate sponsorship, hopefully, will come, but until then, we’ll keep it free.”


Segment 5: Overcoming Challenges

Yemi: “Organizing the biggest hangout in Ondo State comes with challenges. What hurdles have you faced?”

Ogbeni La: “Sponsorship is a challenge. We want partners, not just donations. Also, finding the right ambience is tough. We’re striving to attract the right kind of support and ambiance.”


Segment 6: What to Expect at OSH Big 7

Yemi: “With three weeks to go, what should attendees expect?”

Ogbeni La: “It’s a celebration! Cake cutting, special guests like Kelvin Power, partnerships, and an awesome red carpet experience. Oh, and watch out for our promising local talents!”

Segment 7: Future Plans and Venue Change


Yemi: “What are the plans for the future of Ondo Social Hangout? Will the venue ever change?”

Ogbeni La: “We want to stay in Ondo but are open to moving for the right ambiance. Plans for Big 7? Follow our socials and website for updates. Exciting things are coming!”



A massive thank you to @Ogbeni La for sharing insights into the heart of Ondo Social Hangout. We can’t wait for OSH Big 7 and all the incredible moments it promises.

And to the comments section, thank you for your lively engagement! Let’s keep the OSH spirit alive. Don’t forget to holla when you see @Ogbeni La! Cheers to a lovely evening! 💯

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