Celebrating 7 Years of Vibrancy: An Exclusive Chat with Ogbeni La, Convener of Ondo Social Hangout

Dive into the vibrant world of Ondo Social Hangout as we celebrate seven years of unforgettable moments. Join us in this exclusive interview with Ogbeni La, the convener of Ondo Social Hangout, as we explore the journey, milestones, and exciting plans for the much-anticipated OSH Big 7. From its humble beginnings to becoming a prominent social event in Nigeria, discover the heart and soul behind this extraordinary hangout.

Ondo Social Hangout: A Decade of Dreams, Celebrating Big 7!

  Ondo City, 01/11/2023   In 2017, a group of visionaries dared to Dream Big. With just seventy-three attendees, the inaugural edition of Ondo Social Hangout marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Fast forward to today, we proudly stand as the largest social hangout in the country, drawing over a thousand enthusiastic attendees each […]